Viral Pictures: 12 Horribly Embarrassing Selfies That Will Make You Cringe

Now were all guilty of a selfie or two these day but we here at 21st Century Human always advise that before you send it check the double check it just to make sure their nothing embarrassing their that will make you a viral embarrassing sensation over night like these guys.

1.This guy thought he was looking good but forgot about the reflection not to mention his pants…


2. This girl is feeling herself and is ready to hit the town.. But wait is that a massive dildo?


3, This guy feeling trim after his workout.. His dick is a bit trim too unfortunately judging by his shadow…


4. This girl be so made at that damn traffic…Zoom… Zoom…Zoom… Oh wait a Minute..


5. Whoaaaaa… Selfie… Wait who’s that back their… Is he??? Oh shit hes naked…


6. This ebook is so good… MMMM Anime Porn….


7. So Happy with my new hair.. So is my boyfriend…


8. Im so damn fly… Wait what’s that reflection…. Oh Damn Girl….


9. Babe not don’t take my picture. Babe’s what I call my hand these days…


10. No Sure if he’s the Luckiest Kid in the World or Just Neglected….


11. Im looking so good i’m gonna take a shit…. Im mean Selfie…


12. Starting my day with a Selfie. Maybe you should start it with pants.



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