Watch: Boss makes employee, 17, hold embarrassing sign by street corner wearing lipstick after he was caught stealing


A Texas business man was shocked to find out that his 17 year old employee whom he had took under his wing to mentor repaid him by stealing money and valuables from his house.

The business man Brent Franklin (pictured below) was shocked and hurt when found out about the boys betrayal but instead of calling the police to report the instance he came up with a novel way to teach the boy a lesson and save him from a criminal record.


Mark Anthony Doyle the 17 year old who stole from his boss was forced to stand on a street corner holding a sign which read ‘I stole & lied to my boss!!! This is to keep my head right’ while wearing a bright pink shirt from Walmart with the words ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Love’ written across the front, paired with a matching lipstick.

Brent Franklin also streamed the punishment live on Facebook having been viewed more than 42,000 times.

‘This is the guy that stole from me, after I gave him a job, paid him more than $20 an hour,’ Franklin, who owns a construction business and describes himself as a ‘Self-Taught & Self-Made Entrepreneur,’ explained in a status update.

The robbery happened while Mr Franklin was out of town in which the boy took opportunity to steal one of his Rolex watches which he then preceded to show off to girls on Snapchat, as well as a big-screen TV and other electronic equipment. He also allegedly used his boss’ company debit card to withdraw hundreds of dollars in cash.

So what do you think? Is this a fair punishment?


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