Warning Disturbing Content!! Outrage as donkey is horrifically thrown to tigers still alive in a zoo

Warning Disturbing Content…..

Can you believe this happened…

Horrific footage has emerged from China of zoo keepers feeding a live donkey to a group of tiger in a Chinese zoo over the weekend.

The footage shows the donkey being pushed out the back of a truck and down a ramp into the enclosure where it is quickly mauled by the tigers.

Witnesses watched the donkey struggle for around 30 minutes before it finally succumbed to the tigers in the enclosure.

This was an act of disgruntled shareholders in protest against management of the zoo. It is believed that shareholders invested money within the zoo 2 years ago but have yet to receive any financial benefits.

In an interview with local media, one of the shareholders involved in the dispute said: “Since we can’t have any benefits, we thought why not feed them to the tigers, at least we can save on animal feed.”

Pretty Disgusting Right??? 

Warning Disturbing Content!!


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