Tourist beats 10-year-old boy over toilet charge in shocking attack caught on CCTV

A tourist has been caught on CCTV Beating a 10-year-old boy when the boy who was working as a toilet attendant refused to pay 20 pence to use the toilet.

The CCTV footage shows the man wearing a blue t-shirt with two blonde women approaching the toilet in the red light district of Bangla Road in Phuket, Thailand, at 3.50am.

The boy Abdull Seesa was working as an attendant for pocket money refuses entry of 10 baht (about 22p) for the man to use the toilet.

The tourist refuses the sum for the private toilet and becomes angry.

The young boy can be seen picking up the phone to ring for help when the man launched an unprovoked attack on him.

Watch the shocking footage below…

Abdull’s father Tohee Seesa has now offered a reward of 5,000 baht (£112) for any information to catch the tourist who attacked his son on May 3.


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