The top 4 fitness sins you are probably guilty of!

Ever felt that you were right on top of your health and fitness? You’re training hard and eating so well but the results just aren’t showing? Frustration level EXTREME!

All it takes to find the right butt blasting routine and meal plan to suit you these days is a quick online search… So where are we going so wrong? Should it be 12 reps instead of 10? Maybe those 2 M&Ms you ate last week undid all your hard work?

Stop right there! Below are the fitness sins we all commit at some point. Get on top of these and you will see massive results, and fast!



Improving what is known as “sleep hygiene” is one of THE biggest things you can do to improve your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. The bedroom should be used for 2 things alone. Sleep, and….well you can fill in the blanks.

You need to make sleep a priority. While we sleep, our brain and body are refreshed. Our muscles have time to regenerate and recover from training. By getting adequate sleep, and good quality sleep, we allow our body to run more efficiently and handle stress better. This includes the physical stress of intense exercise. Set up a night time routine which has you sleeping around the same time each night. Eliminate technology from the bedroom. That’s right, no Netflix in bed (say wha?!), no mobile phone on the bedside table (yes, it is possible!), keep it as calm and peaceful as possible. No interruptions to your beauty sleep!



Going from zero to full throttle in any health and fitness routine is a big SIN. Our bodies are great at adapting over a period of time, but attempting to gain superhuman fitness or lose weight in a short period of time is a recipe for failure. The key here is to bite off much less than you can chew, and work your way up. If your workouts are absolutely killing you, or your diet leaving you hungry and tired, you need to tone it down. Becoming fit doesn’t happen overnight, don’t be sucked in by quick fixes and short term “transformation” programs. Think long term. When you are able to keep up with the kids running around and then 80 years old and still able to bend down for lawn bowls, you’ll know why!



Simply put, yes you do. Regularly. This is not just a sin, but a crime committed by even the fittest of the fit.

At the very least, stretch the muscle groups you have worked that day. For example, if you have gone for a run, stretch the front and back of your thighs as well as your calves. You will find you suffer fewer aches and pains, your exercise technique will improve, and you will prevent injury. 5 mins is all it takes! Chose a few stretches to do each day. If you spend long periods of time sitting make sure you include the neck, shoulders and back. If you are truly too lazy or unsure on how to stretch, join a yoga class and have someone instruct you!



Think back and try remember how much water you drank today? A couple of glasses? You need a couple of litres! Oh but maybe there was some coffee, juice or alcohol in there as well… Hate to tell you they don’t count. In fact if you are drinking those, your water intake needs to increase due to their dehydrating effects and sugar content. Not to mention if you are exercising, that sweat needs to be replaced by good old fashioned H20, not a vanilla latte.

Water is your friend, and you are sabotaging yourself by not getting enough in! Keeping water intake high helps relieve fatigue, makes skin look youthful and glowing, keeps your kidneys in good working order and your brain functioning well…plus so much more. Want an easy peasy way of knowing how much you’ve had? Use a large water bottle (2 or 3L) and make sure you finish it through the day. Yes you will be visiting the bathroom but it is a small price to pay for hydration.



These sins are detrimental to your progress, but they are so easy to fix! Work on getting these under control and your health and fitness goals will be smashed out of the water, so to speak. Now go on, pour yourself a big glass of water, have a good stretch and head to bed. Be a step ahead of the rest!


Written By : Ellie McMahon


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