How to earn a six figure salary while travelling the world…

Have you had dreams of quitting your day job and moving somewhere exotic? All the while making enough money to travel the globe?

Aussie girl Lauren Bullen and UK born Jack Morris have done just that and are living the dream of many.


The pair met on their travels in Fiji last year. A mutual love of travel, writing, and adventure drew them together and eventually to their new home, Bali Indonesia. Since then, Bullen and Morris have been busy building an empire doing what they love…travelling the world, blogging and taking breathtaking photographs. Their Instagram pages showcase their gypsy lifestyles with an inspiring array of portraits and landscapes. Morris reveals the two lovebirds will snap themselves and each other often using tripods and timers, and edited by them, with no formal training in photography. They can be seen lying on pristine beaches, exploring hidden waterfalls, enjoying magical sunsets and interacting with wildlife, with each sponsored post earning them up to $10,000!

There is a rising number of ‘Instafamous’ travel bloggers who earn thousands for their holiday snaps. It seems mastering the art of Instagram can be the key to living the lifestyle so many of us envy.



The couple say it is not as easy as it sounds, when they’re working they work hard. It takes skill, effort and great timing to capture the perfect moment. Photos must then be arranged in perfect order to make an Instagram feed appealing. However, when your work takes you to the most stunning places on earth, who would complain?

Follow Lauren and Jack’s adventures on Instagram at @gypsea_lust and @doyoutravel.


Written By: Ellie McMahon


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