Now that we are well and truly into 2017, many of us have long forgotten our new years resolutions and goals. This is no reason to give up. Now is the perfect time to re-focus on health and fitness goals and supercharge your motivation.

It takes no more than 4 weeks to get healthy habits in place and give you a much needed detox. Short term goals are a fantastic way to get back on that wagon and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. This 4 week plan consists of small, realistic goals to continue long term, and not a diet plan in sight!

It will arm you with the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle and kick that oreo habit to the curb!

(Pro tip: take front and side pics of yourself every week to monitor progress. It will motivate you to stay on track when you feel like jumping off the wagon.

Week 1:

  • Choose just one guilty pleasure to give the CHOP. Eg sugar in your coffee (or the biscuit that goes with it), your late night fast food trip, dessert after dinner.
  • Arm yourself with a 1L water bottle and sip on it throughout the day, aiming for 3L of water every single day.
  • 20 min of exercise each day. Break it up into 2 sets of 10 mins if you like, but get it done. Walk, run, do body weight exercises, dance around the house, play with the kids, take the dog out, anything that gets your heart rate up.


Week 2:

  • Alternate cardio days with strength days. Eg Monday walk 20 min, Tuesday 20 min bodyweight exercises. This can be done at home or in a park…no gym required
  • In your shopping this week include loads of vegetables (especially green) and include them in 2 meals a day. Google some recipes if you’re new to the kitchen.


Week 3:

  • Add 10 mins of stretching every other day
  • Replace one of your training sessions with an exercise class or training with a friend. You’ll train harder and stick to it long term!



Week 4:

  • See how time flies! Grab your diary and plan out your next 4 weeks, simply add little habits each week until you are happy you can maintain them all.
  • Take a night to reward yourself! Book a massage, have a long bath, hire a babysitter for a night out, or something else that relaxes you and makes you happy. After all, health is happiness.
  • Remember that guilty pleasure you gave the flick in week one?? Welcome it back for one day only. Take your time and enjoy every moment and mouthful.



Written By: Ellie McMahon


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