Replace your beauty regime with these amazing DIY beauty hacks (number 2 will shock you!)

We spend millions every year in hopes of finding the miracle cure for wrinkles, tired looking skin, puffy eyes and more. The following beauty hacks use household products and have been used by celebrities and models around the globe for decades. They are simple, budget friendly and easy for even the most clueless beauty queens. Ditch the expensive creams, injectables and procedures. Give these natural alternatives a try and feel the difference!!


We’ve all heard of coconut oil being used for cooking. Well now the ancient practice of ‘oil pulling’ is rapidly gaining popularity.

Method: Each night after brushing, take a tablespoon of oil and “swish” it around your mouth and gums for up to 20 mins before spitting out. The results are fresh breath, healthy gums, elimination of bacteria, whiter teeth and a delicious coconutty flavour! Think of it as your dentist-approved dessert!



If you have cracked, dry heels and sore feet you understand how great a good foot soak is. But one that relaxes AND removes dry skin is hard to come by. So make your own!

Method: Place your feet in a shallow bucket, add enough water to cover up to the ankles. Add 1 cup listerine and ½ cup white vinegar and soak for up to 20mins. Remove feet and use a dry towel to rub dry. Dead skin will fall away! Repeat this whenever you feel the need and better yet, add a foot massage!



This has got to be the easiest, cheapest DIY hack you’ll ever try, and will love! Make sure you begin with clean, dry skin.

Method: Slice a washed potato super thinly, use a mandolin slicer or peeler for best results. Place the slices over your face, neck and chest and rest for 20mins while it draws out toxins and refreshes your skin. Remove potato and use a small amount of apple cider vinegar to tone the skin. You’re now ready for moisturiser and makeup!



Want more ‘pop’ on your lips without the full on effect of a lipstick? Head to the produce section of your supermarket for all the lip colour you need!

Method: Using rubber gloves to avoid staining your hands, grate a beetroot and sqeeeeeeeze the juice out over a strainer. Pour that vibrant, red juice into a small container (an old lip balm container would be perfect!) and add a teaspoon of coconut oil or vegetable glycerine (found at health food stores). Et voila! DIY lip stain that can be as light or as bright as you like, simply add more layers to the lips for more effect. The oil also makes it ultra-hydrating, win win!



In the mood for a little pick-me-up, without the expense? Pour a small bottle or can of beer into a bowl and allow to “flatten” a little. Overnight works perfectly.

Method: Jump in the shower and shampoo your hair as usual. Next, pour the beer through your hair, massage well and rinse out. Yes, really! This is a very old remedy for dull, lifeless hair. Repeat weekly for shiny, healthy locks (and put that beer to better use!).




Written By: Ellie McMahon


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