‘Doomsday Library’ opens in Norway storing world’s most precious BOOKS protecting them from an apocalypse

A second ‘Doomsday Vault’ has been opened in the frozen Arctic wasteland of Svalbard, Norway with the hopes of protecting the world’s most important books.

The world’s most precious books will be stored in digital form, allowing them to survive the most extreme conditions known to man, including nuclear war.

The vault, which has been called the World Arctic Archive, is based in Svalbard, which is also home to the Global Seed Vault a huge collection of seeds that would allow humanity to survive, should food supplies be wiped out by an unknown disaster.


Norway, Brazil and Mexico will be the first to save copies of their files in the vault. But the UK and US have not opted to store any national archives in the vault as of yet.

New technology by a firm called Piql, is to be used to store data as film rather than other forms of storage.

Kartrine Loen Thomson from Piql said: ‘We believe that we can save the data using our technology for a whole 1,000 years.’ The film is to be stored deep inside a mine called Mine 3 that is frozen in permafrost, which ensures that it keeps a constant temperature.



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