Horrifying Images From the London Attack

The horrifying attack outside Parliament shocked central London on Wednesday afternoon as a London was left in mayhem with at least four people dead and injured 20 which prompted the hasty evacuation of the prime minister.


The driver of a large vehicle plowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, leading to Parliament, killing two people and injuring numerous others, before crashing into a railing.

23LONDON-SS-slide-XIBS-superJumbo.jpg Credit,Toby Melville/Reuters


940514753a2408fa2c433722fc565b67.jpegITNvia AP Source:AP
55083ec543e95d4fb9ae402297997ea6.jpegPicture: AFP/ James West Source:AFP
West8.jpgCredit,Toby Melville/Reuters
parliament-edit-slide-Z2ZT-superJumbo.jpgStefan Rousseau/Press Association, via Associated Press


parliament-edit-slide-436G-superJumbo.jpgCarl Court/Getty Images
23Parliament-photos8-superJumbo.jpgStefan Rousseau/Press Association, via Associated Press
23Parliament-Photos9-superJumbo.jpgAndrew Testa for The New York Times
parliament-edit-slide-F396-superJumbo.jpgCarl Court/Getty Images


7caa41437f79f7b43ca3836f654de86c.jpegPicture: AP Source:AP


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