Is this the Ultimate Kisscam snub?

A basketball game between Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets last Wednesday brought us a very awkward moment courtesy of the beloved Kisscam.

Crowds watched on inn delights as the Kisscam did the rounds of the audience with everyone dutifully kissing their better half until the Kisscam stopped on a young girl sitting next to her beer-swilling boyfriend. The girl is apparently delighted to have been picked out, but her boyfriend seems oblivious to both her and the thousands of people watching him.

Despite the girls attempts to get her man to Kiss her for the world to see he continues to ignore her. The girl can be seen weighing up her options looking next to her to the man at her other side. They make eye contact and without speaking are both in agreement and lean in to kiss.

Snubbed-girlfriend (1)

The crowd erupts in cheers before the boyfriend storms off in anger and embarrassment to everyone’s delight.

Check out the hilariously awkward video below.


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