Radioactive Green River ? Sends locals in to Panic

WTF. Check out this river in Spain that bizarrely turned a bright green colour, which sent local residents into a panic leading them to believe there waters had been contaminated.

Local authorities had to make a public statement to reassure panicked residents that the waters had not been contaminated.

The river strangely began to change colour at its source to a radioactive looking green in Andorra before spreading all the way downstream to to the Catalonia region of Spain on Thursday.


Seu d’Urgell mayor Albert Batalla said the colouring was “entirely harmless, non-toxic and biodegradable” and had been intentional. It was used, he said, as part of an investigation at the Arinsal water bottling plant.


“It is a harmless, non-toxic and biodegradable dye that has been used for water research,”the mayor said.

The plant in question was linked to a gastroenteritis bug that made thousands of people sick last year which also contributed to local’s panic at seeing the river turn green.


The Ministry of Health for Andorran said the harmless dye was put in the water to help identify the source of possible contamination and would have no impact on the environment.

“It is an action that has no impact beyond the visual,” the government said.

They proceeded to add that the substance was harmless to both people and the natural environment and would dissolve within hours with the river turning back to its original colour.


Creepy Looking Right???


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