WTF, Creepy Turkeys Circling A Dead Cat

WTF is happening? @TheReal_JDavis posted a video Thursday morning showing a group of wild turkeys bizarrely circling a deceased cat in the middle of the street. The video immediately went viral while people freaked out over this creepy behaviour.


Wildlife biologist of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Tom Hughes, told the National Geographic: “My guess is they are puzzled by the strange behaviour of the dead or dying cat,[and wanted] to get a better look, without getting too close.”

Hughes said the turkeys are mostly female, are eyeing up the potential predator’s carcass, and that there’s nothing unusual about wild turkeys grouping together.

Biologist Alan Krakauer told the Verge it’s what might be known as “predator inspection”. While University of Mississippi biologist Richard Buchholz told the website he had seen similar behaviour in birds of the Phasianidae family (which includes turkeys, pheasants and chickens).

Apparently, more than six million wild turkeys live throughout the US.
So what do you think? Are the Turkeys doing some weird ritual?   Are they going to eat the dieing cat? Are you as freaked out as we are at 21st Century Human????

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