Women Everywhere go Crazy as guy, Seeks Travel Buddy For His Shirtless Friend

A British backpacker whose friend Robert Keane dropped out of a planned trip around Australia gets inundated with offers from women who want to step in as his travelling buddy.


Robert Keane, 27, from Ireland, had to cancel on his friend Paddy James, 23, just 2 weeks before their trip along the east coast this month and felt guilty so posted a message on the Australian Backpackers Facebook page, appealing for his replacement.


In the advert Robert included pictures of Paddy, from Southampton, showing off his chiselled chest and rippling 6 pack which drove women everywhere wild.

Within hours, Paddy was bombarded with hundreds of messages from potential female travel companions, and even an offer of marriage from one ardent admirer.


Paddy James has since received around 100 friend requests and over 150 private messages from wannabe female travelling companions.

‘My phone blew up for a couple of days,’ Paddy, who used to work with Robert in Sydney, said.

One girl even joked that she was going to Vegas with Paddy to ‘put a ring on it straight away’.


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