Pervert caught having Sex with Cow

A 40 year old man in Thailand laughed as he was marched naked to a police truck after getting caught having sex with a Cow . He was spotted by local villagers kissing the animal before mounting it from behind in Lampang province, Thailand.

The Villagers chased the man as he fled naked into a bathroom of a farm closeby the proceeded to barricade himself inside as horrified locals tried to get him out.

Police Officers were called and arrived 30 minutes later and proceeded to handcuff him, before hauling him naked into the back of a police truck where he laughed about his perverted act.


The man told police he ‘’felt the urge’’ to have sex with the cow and began fondling it before ‘’having sex until he orgasmed’’. That he felt ‘’strong emotions’’ and could not control himself from feeling attracted to the animal as he watched it grazing in a field.


Officers conducted a physical check on the cow and discovered traces of the man’s semen around its vagina and saw fluids from the cow on the man’s groin.

The 40 year old man was arrested after admitting to having sexual intercourse with the cow and taken into custody and proceed to be questioned while officers spoke with witnesses at the scene.

Local farmer Tong Kai Charoonprasitporn, 65, who owned the cow, commented: ‘’I saw the man snogging and groping and f***ing my cow. ‘’We chased him but he did not stop. We called the police and found him hiding in the bathroom of the house.”If we didn’t catch him might he have carried on with the other cows. It is sad that the animals are not safe because of one person.”

Police said the man had admitted sexually abusing the cow. The man is suspected of being drunk at the time and is also being assessed for mental health issues.

The brown cow in question was unhurt and carried on grazing afterwards.

Check out the video below of the man being arrested by Police…

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