Bikini model punches presenter then storms off stage after he grabbed her bum

Model Rayssa Teixeiro Melo was hired to demonstrate the correct way to apply suncream, and repeatedly stated she wasn’t comfortable with the male presenter touching her below the waist.

Rayssa signalled to the presenter several times that he should only touch her stomach, arms and the tops of her legs.

At one point she grabbed hold of his wrist and told him: ‘No, that’s my bottom,’ adding sarcastically, ‘Do you know this part, the bum?’ as the other two presenters looked on awkwardly.

The male presenter did as requested, but then his hands strayed towards her bottom again which signaled the final straw for the model who proceeded to hit him in the face and walked off air from the Brazilian TV show on Wednesday.

Check out the below video to watch the touchy presenter get what he deserved…


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