This is how much the Oscar Statue is Worth?

Arguably the most recognisable award statues in the world and most coveted, but how much is the Oscar statue actually worth?

The gold statuette supposedly modelled after Mexican actor Emilio “El Indio” Fernándezis is considered to be films highest industry accolade.

But the 24-carat gold-plated award apparently only costs £321 ($400) to make, according to Entertainment Weekly . Considering this little gold man is the most coveted award by millions the world over and truly does have life changing effects on recipients life transforming careers this is certainly a bargain.


But despite this modest cost these awards have sold for huge figures. Michael Jackson purchased in 1999, the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1939, awarded to the producers, of Gone With The Wind for a staggering £1,237,50 ($1,542,000). Steven Spielberg also purchased Clark Gable’s Best Actor trophy for It Happened One Night for £487,560 ($607,500) and also purchased Bette Davis’s Best Actress award for her work on Jezebel for £463,884 ($578,000) despite having his own.

A court ruled in 1950 that anyone who wants to auction or sell their gong is obliged to offer it to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science for $1 which, with the current miserable exchange rate, equates to 80p.

Spielberg, who fully supported the 2015 upholding of the ruling, has since donated his trophies back to the Academy. Talk about throwing your money away right.


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