Horrifying footage shows ‘possessed’ man spurting blood as he is exorcised from the devil

In this disturbing footage we see a man believed to be Latin American. The man in question can be seen dressed only in a pair of shorts covered in blood.

A man can be seen trying to force a crucifix down his mouth trying to exorcise the demon. The video posted to Youtube shows the man convulsing in a chair with his arms and legs distorted at weird angles.

The man hits his head once with a glass bottle, before smashing it on impact in his second attempt, as he continues throughout the video to shout something in his native tongue in a voice that can only be described as something for a horror movie..

During the video, a priest holds the man’s arms in the air to form an ‘X’ shape, while the man throws three knives to the ground around him.

The video ends with the man forcing what appears to be a crucifix down his mouth, as it pierces through his skin near the throat.



So what do you think? Do you believe in Demons possessing people?


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