101 ways to change your life in 2017

Every January we all get super thoughtful about the year that has passed us by and wonder if we really lived up to our full potential or if we yet again just glided by through life. Hence the dreaded New Years resolutions we all set for ourselves each January. Below I have compiled a list of 101 ways to change your life. Now no one can tell you how to achieve your individual or specific goals and dream this year but by following the below list and applying them to your life and goals you are sure to look back on 2017 with a sense of accomplishment.  So here we go..

Health and Fitness

  1. Drink more water. Our bodies are about 60% water. Health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters. Drinking more water comes with many health benefits. It helps with calorie control, gives you clearer skin and improves kidney function these are just a few of the benefits of drinking more water.
  2. Exercise more. The general guidelines recommend that the average healthy individual does 30 minutes between 3-5 times a week. Everyone knows exercise is so important but not many of us want to do it but exercise helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases as well as improving your general mood.
  3. Have a healthy balance diet.A balanced diet contains a balance of carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, protein, and fat. For carbohydrates, eat whole grains. Having 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Lean meat is the best source of protein turkey is one of the leans meats you can eat.
  4. Sleep more. Sleep is so important for you to be able to function to your best ability each day. The recommended amount of sleep per every 24 hours is between 8-10 hours sleep per night.
  5. Get regular check up. Visit your doctor at least twice a year for a check up. Even if you are not sick it is always advisable to have a check up at least every 6 months.
  6. Quit Smoking. Not only can smoking be detrimental to your health it is also just as harmful for the people around youPlus it extremely costly.
  7. Limit alcohol intake: Drinking too much alcohol has many negative health effects, including consuming calories with no nutritional. It can also slow down your metabolism and help to increase weight. Hangovers can often ruin your day and make you feel depressed.
  8. Do not skip breakfast. Always make time for breakfast. Eating breakfast helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels, a healthy weight because you are less likely to overindulged later in the day on that tub of ice cream you have in the fridge.
  9. Cook more. Ditch those take out and start cooking. Not only is this a healthier option it is also a much cheaper option and puts you in total control of what enters your body.
  10. Control your portions. The recommended method for food consumption is little and often as this has shown to speed up your metabolism. So watch those portion people.
  11. Stop eating in front of the TV. It’s a proven fact that eating  while watch TV leads you to eat more, it lowers the metabolic rate and blocks the feeling of satisfaction.
  12. Take a multivitamin. Taking a multivitamin is like an insurance policy, a guarantee everyday that ensures your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs.
  13. Drink water after waking. One of the best things people can do after waking is to drink water as it fires up your metabolism, flushes out toxins, helps you hydrate and gives your brain fuel.
  14. Drink water before bed. Now I know many people don’t want to drink water before bed as they are afraid they will need to get up during the night but the benefits far out way a nightly trip to the restroom. A glass of water before bed helps your body cycle through toxins and dispel waste. It has also been suggested that a glass of water before bed can decrease the risks of a heart attack.
  15. Eat Slower. Eating slowly prevents you from overeating. It takes the brain 15 or 20 minutes to recognize that the stomach is full.

Friendship and Romance

  1.  Start saying yes. Say yes, within reason of course. But think about it really.         Everytime you utter the word NO you could just have missed the best night of your life, the girl/boy you could have been soul mates with or the best friend you nearly meet, so start saying yes and open up your life.
  2. Stop complaining. Do you enjoy hearing people complain? NO. Well either do other people. Its shows you in a negative light people are attracted  to people who make them feel happy so choose to focus on what right.
  3. Take up a hobby. Hobbies are get ways to make new friends and connect with people who have similar interests to you by doing something that you love it automatically gives you something in common.
  4. Strengthen existing bonds. We are all guilty of taking friends for granted assuming people we have known the longest will always be there. But before these connects fade into a forgotten past reach out and strengthen those connects once more.
  5. Don’t judge a book by it cover. Never discount someone because of appearance or initial impressions. People often look at someone and think they aren’t my kind of person. But how do you know? Give them a chance this person could open up a whole new world you never knew was there. Be open.
  6.  Turn colleagues in to real friends. Many people put a barrier up between having friends in work and the non working life. But why? Incorporate friends from work into your non working life. Make plans, go for dinner, go to the cinema. Why limit your friendship to just work.
  7. Look approachable. Body language is extremely important. If you are hunched over and stuck in yourself people aren’t going to feel you are approachable open up your body language. Let people know they can approach you.
  8. Stop fearing rejection. Get out of your head. If you think you’re not good enough it shows then others will feel it too and think the same. Jump in with both feet. You are good enough.
  9. Be yourself. Being yourself is the best person you can every represent yourself as. People often represent themselves as what they think other will like but this is not possible to maintain. People are attracted to genuine people.
  10. Date more. This can be daunting for most and in this day and age of social media it can be hard to meet a love interest. So ask that person out who you think will never go for your type or go online, there are a wide variety of dating apps and site not it is no longer taboo in this social media world to contact online.


  1. Dress for Success. If you want to project confidence you need to feel confident. Many people feel more confident if they feel they look their best. First impressions are also huge in business so if you look professional people with usually treat you in a professional manner.
  2. Make Eye Contact. People who make eye contact always garner more respect as this is a sign of confidence. If you can’t look someone in the face and are always avoiding eye contact it will be hard for people to put their trust in you.
  3. Prioritize. Make it a rule to accomplish the most important tasks first it will eliminate stress and make your more productive.
  4. Timekeeping. This seems like an obvious one that everyone should know but many don’t. If you are always late to work or meeting it lends people to think you are unreliable so be on time you want people to think of you a solid and reliable.
  5. Be Friendly but Professional. Many people make life long friends in work but it is extremely important to remember these are your colleagues and you are in a working environment not a social one. So although it is important to have friends at work as you spend a huge part of our lives there, it is also important to remember they are your colleagues and you can not treat them as you might treat some friends outside of work. You must be professional.
  6. Take your Holidays. In many cultures people are afraid to take their holidays every year and work through them instead. There are many bad side effects to this. People get run down. They get stuck in a rut. You need time to step back and take time to relax. Time to think is always good as you will come back refreshed and with a better outlook. No one can take your place in the time it takes to have a holiday so don’t worry.
  7. Keep your Skills Up to Date. In this digital age it is so easy to fall behind on new trends and suddenly be come redundant. Always keep an eye on what happening in your industry and keep upgrading your skills. It is important to keep learning you can never know too much. Or know it all.
  8. Get a Mentor. This could be someone who is actually in your life which you admire and want to emulate or it might be someone in the public eye. You do not have to have direct access to someone for them to be your mentor. Take the qualities you admire in this individual and find out how to apply them to your specific situation.
  9. Have a Career Plan. Having a career plan is vital to a successful and fulfilling career. If you don’t have something to aim for, work can get monotonous and boring. It will never lead somewhere new and you will never progress if you don’t have a plan on where you want to go.
  10. Take Responsibility.  If you make a mistake or error the most important thing you can do is own up, don’t make excuses or blame it on someone else. Hold your hands up and put a new process in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. People will only respect you more and you will also learn from your mistakes and improve.
  11. Take on Board Criticism and Feedback. If someone criticises you or gives you feedback, don’t get defensive take it on board, think about it and if it is actually a flaw come up with a plan to eliminate it. It is important of your growth.
  12. Be Nice to Everyone. From the Owner or Operation Manager right down to the Receptionist or Cleaner. You are not better than anyone either above you or below you. Treat people with respect and kindness. People will remember how you made them feel not what you did.
  13. Review your Position/Career Every Year. It is vital to review your position or career every year to see if you are on track to where you want to be. If you are not you need to sit down and think about how to get their. Then make a plan.
  14. Network. Having a strong network either within your company or with industry professional adds to your value as an employee. The more people you can reach out to for help the more valuable you are.
  15. If you are Not Happy get a New Job. Now I am not telling you to quit your job. That would be stupid. But if you’re not happy in your job or career start looking for a new one. Dont be afraid of change. Update that CV and start sending it out. Your next opportunity might be an email away.


  1. Budget. Make a Budget every month with your income and expenses. Map out all your outgoing cost. This will make sure you cover all your expenses and don’t over spend leaving you in debt.
  2. Have an Emergency Fund. I can’t stress how important this is and how many people don’t have one.  This should be between 3 and 9 months living expenses but the more you have the better it is. I would definitely be leaning towards 9 – 12 months. You never know when you might lose your job or some emergency happens where you need to fork out a big expense be prepared. You don’t want to end up in debt or worse living on the streets.
  3. Start paying off your Debt. If you have debt start with the one that has the highest interest rate. Then move on to the second highest rate loan and start paying that off.
  4. Shop Smart. Always look for the bargain, there are many ways to substitute or save money. Always look for a discount or cheaper substitute for what you want. You will be surprised how much it will add up to.
  5. Use Cash. Take out cash at the start of the week and budget what you need. People that only use their bank card alway ted to over spend as they can’t keep track of their money as it’s not physically in front of them.
  6. Save, Save, Save.  Saving is so important and this does exclude your emergency fund. The average you should be saving is 20% of your income but the more you can save the better off you will be in the long run.
  7. Invest. Unless you have millions in the bank you will never make money by leaving your money build up in your account. So invest it. But make sure you put your research in and know what you’re investing in back to front. Be wise and make smart investments.
  8. Spend Less. We all know there are certain things in life that aren’t necessities but we still by anyway. But be strict with yourself, if you don’t need it don’t buy it. I promise when you see the money in your bank account building it will be worth it.
  9. Sell Unwanted Goods. If you don’t need or use something anymore sell it. Why have something sitting in your house collecting dust when you can turn it into money.
  10. Generate More Income. Get a side job. It could be writing a blog, being a uber driver, working weekends in a pub, shop etc. Rent out a room in your home on Airbnb. There is a way for everyone to make more money so find it and do it.

 Happy & Healthy Mind

  1. Read More. Reading more stimulates your mind, reduces stress, increases your knowledge and improves your memory along with a lot of other things so pick up that book.
  2. Meditate or Do Yoga. When learning to calm your mind and focus your attention, you can improve your mental clarity which has positive effects on your memory and attention span.
  3. Get Creative. Being creative helps you have a positive attitude and increases self-confidence. This could range from playing an instrument to writing to knitting whatever gets your creative juices flowing.
  4. Help Others. Helping others not only gives you a rewarding feeling and a sense of purpose but can also give you a positive outlook on life. So get out there and start helping others may it be family, friends, your community or someone you don’t even know.
  5. Keep Learning. It is so important to keep learning and taking in new information. It helps keep your mind strong right in to your later years. So got to the library or take up a part-time course the worlds your oyster.
  6. Listen to Music. There are many benefits to listening to music it makes you happier, reduces depression, lowers stress and much more.
  7. Spend more time in Nature. It is proven that spending more time outdoors improves your mood and self-esteem as well as boosting creative and focus.
  8. Talk and Share. A problem shared is a problem halved. It is an old saying but still true to this day. If you are down or experiencing problems open up to someone you trust or go see a therapist. Whatever you want but just don’t keep it bottled up.
  9. Let go. There are things in life which are out of your control. Do not hold on to negative experiences or emotions they will eat you up. Learn to let them go and move on.
  10. Stop Worrying what Other Think. The sooner you realize what others think of you or might be think of you does not matter the happier you will be. Accept who you are and others will too, don’t be so self-conscious.


  1. Recycle. Recycling helps reduce pollution, helps reduce greenhouse gases, reduces your personal effect on the environment and reduces our need for raw materials so rainforests don’t have to be cut down.
  2. Plant a Tree. Planting a tree is not only good for the environment as it takes in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe. It also improves people’s moods to nurture and watch something grow.
  3. Turn that Power Off. Electricity is a big drain on natural resources so if you’re not using it turn it off. It will also save you money on your bills.
  4. Composting. Is an easy way to dispose of plant and kitchen waste which converts it into rich nutrient food for your plants. It also reduces the amount of waste going to landfills causing air pollution.
  5. Buy Locally Grown Products. Buying local reduce your carbon footprint and supports local economy.
  6. Have a Wildlife Haven. Everyone can do this. Weather you have a mansion on 40 acres or a small patio or even life in an apartment with a balcony. Whatever the outdoor space you have plant as many plants and flowers as you can house as this will draw wildlife and help support our eco system.
  7. Travel Smarter. You don’t always have to drive everywhere. Carpool with work colleagues, take the bus or even cycle. Find alternative way that fit your lifestyle to travel and cut those carbon emissions.
  8. Stop Littering. Never litter it is just as easy to put that wrapper in your pocket and wait till your home and can dispose of it properly.
  9. Change providers. There are many different options out what kind of electricity you purchase Solar Power, Wind Power etc. So change from your fossil fuel provider to something more green.
  10. Become more aware. Start living with a greater awareness of the resources that you use everyday. Pay attention to how you choose to heat, to travel, to use water and use products that were made by manufacturing practices. Awareness is will equal change and help you begin to make environmentally friendly choices.

Personal Development and Happiness 

  1. Travel. Travelling not only broadens your horizons it broadens your outlook on life. It also gives you an insight into other cultures, languages, religions etc.
  2. Learn a Language. Creativity is increased when you learn a second language. It also makes you much more valuable in the workforce along with giving you a deeper understanding of that culture.
  3. Make a Bucket List. Many people make a bucket lists, but the time line for completion is before I died. Well news flash no one knows when they might die. So make a short bucket list every year with the biggest thing you want to complete and do it within the year. Then repeat every year.
  4. Spend less time on Social Media. Social Media takes up so much of our time these days. It also creates unrealistic expectations of life and make people feel inferior.Put the phones down.
  5. Laugh more. Laughing is so important it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and increases muscle flexion. It also increases the circulation of antibodies in the bloodstream which makes us more resistant to infection.
  6. Take Risks. It true what they say. You don’t start really living until you step outside your comfort zone so take some risk people. Who knows where it could lead.
  7. Treat Yourself. Make sure to treat yourself. If you’re working hard and saving you deserve a treat. You know what they say all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.
  8. Adopt a Pet. If you have the time, money and space why not change not only your life but an animal’s life. Giving an animal a second chance of a good home is not only rewarding but with fill your life with happiness. So why not adopt.
  9. Do Random Acts of kindness. It always feel good to stop thinking of yourself and help others. So if you see an opportunity to help out take it and hopefully whom every you help will pass on your kindness to someone else.
  10. Volunteer. Volunteering will not only make you feel as if you are making a change in the world, it can also teach you a lot and broaden your perception. You might also meet a group of new people who share a common cause.
  11. Spend More Time with Family. It is so important to spend time with your family. We all get busy and lose track of time but just remember you only get one family so don’t take them for granted.
  12. Have more Sex. There are many health benefits to having sex like reducing stress and so on but I’m not gonna list them all. The main reason is its fun. So just do it.
  13. Turn off the TV. Think of all the time you waste sat in front of your TV/Laptop and all you could do with that time. It is proven people who watch less TV are happier, more productive and more successful. So put that remote down.
  14. Create A Vision Board. Have you hear of the law of attraction? Well this is a powerful way to get this to work for you. Make a board with all your dreams and goals. Look at it everyday and imagine them happening. To make your dreams come true they need to be in the forefront of your mind.
  15. Start a Business. If you have a talent or you see a gap in the market well capitalise on it. Dont be afraid to put yourself out their and start something for yourself. The worst that can happen is you fail. Which brings me to my next point.
  16. Dont be Afraid to fail. Failing means you at least tried at something. Many people don’t even try so failing is something to be proud of because it meant you put yourself out their. Failing also gives way to opportunity for growth and learing.
  17. Dont just be Good be Great. Many people in life settle for average. Weather they just get complacent or are just happy with average. Dont be one of them. Shoot for the stars you might just land on the moon.
  18. Learn a few Good Jokes. This is a simple thing to do. Believe me a time will come when you will need to tell a joke and if you have a few good ones in your arsenal people will always remember you as funny.
  19. Declutter. This can mean physical or emotional. If something or someone isn’t adding to your life in a positive way ditch it.
  20. Short, Medium, and Long term goals. It is important to know were you want to go and the goals you want to achieve in life so make a plan for your Short, Medium, and Long term goals.
  21. Forgive and Forget. There will always be things, people and situations in life which will hurt you. But learn to let go and forgive. These negative feelings can turn toxic if you don’t set them free.
  22. Write a Book. The saying goes everyone has at least one book in them. So why not try. If you write one page a day for a year that a book. Go for it. You might be the next J.K Rowling.
  23. Arrive at an Airport and Take a Random Flight. This could be the best life experience you might every have. Have you ever dreamed of going to the airport and asking for a ticket on the next flight out. DO IT. Who knows what exciting adventure awaits you.
  24. Go Vegetarian for a Month. Have you ever watched Cowspiracy? NO? Go watch it then try going vegetarian for a month. Its more likely to stick.
  25. Watch more Documentaries. Did you ever hear ignorance is bliss. Well if you follow this saying your ignorant. It is so important to educated and aware of whats happening in our society and world.
  26. Watch Ted Talks. This is a quick and easy way of learning and bordening your interests and perspective on life.
  27. Go to a Concert/Festival/Play/Live Event. Going to a live event will always be a memorable moment in your life there is nothing more interactive of moving than getting away for your screen and watching something live.
  28. Ask for a raise. If you ask for a raise you have to believe you deserve it. That you put the hard work in and made your company better. If you have, then make a list of what you have contribute to the company and why you deserve a raise. Then bring it to your manager as back up.
  29. Teach English in a foreign Country. This is a great cost-effective way for people to travel and to become integrated in the culture of the country you are teaching in.
  30. Spend a Night Under the Stars. This can be not only fun but inspiring to look up at the stars and see how small you actually are and can really put life in perspective. Your problems might not seem as big as you initially thought after all.
  31. Be Happy. Life is so fast paced and challenging in the 21st century. But always make the best out of your life and try to find happiness wherever you can. remember you control your life. Only you can change it. happiness is a mind-set so set your mind to happy.

Let us know here at 21st Century Human what you think of our 101 Ways to change your Life in 2017?  And let us know in the comments if you have any tips..


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