Drive-thru worker arrested after smearing period blood on burger of rude customer

This story is sure to turn your stomach and make you think twice about eat out for the foreseeable future.

The incident allegedly occurred on January 7 at around 10.20pm at Jack’s Family Restaurant in Columbus, Mississippi.

A co-worker of Sky Juliett Samuel, 18 (pictured below) claims she saw Sky put her hands down her pants and smear her fingers over the burger after a heated exchange with the a customer over the drive-thru intercom.


On January 21, police issued a warrant for the arrest of Ms Samuels on the grounds of ‘knowingly selling unwholesome bread or drink’.

Ms Samuel did hand herself over to police over the claims on Friday and has since been released on bail.


In a Facebook post, the mum-of-one said: ‘The b***h shouldn’t have gotten smart n said all s**t she said over intercom.’

Jack’s Family Restaurant have spoken out saying they fully supported the police investigation and had also hired a third-party investigator following the alleged incident.

The Mississippi Health Department are also looking into the claims.

Ms Samuel no longer works at the restaurant.

Has this story turned you of eating out for life? 



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