Doctors Remove 6-Foot-Long Tapeworm from Man’s Gut

Doctors in India have removed a tapeworm which was measured at nearly 2 meters (6.6 feet) long the pork tapeworm is also known by it’s scientific name Taenia solium.

The man 48 told doctors that he had been suffering abdominal pain for over two months before he sought out medical attention, according to the brief report of the man’s case, published (Jan. 25) in The New England Journal of Medicine.

After doctors performed an endoscopy they were surprised to find a whole worm curled up in the upper part of the man’s small intestine.

According to the report doctors were able to remove the worm by pulling it up through the man’s mouth. The intact tapeworm spanned 1.88 m (6.2 feet), the doctors wrote.According to the  National Library of Medicine tapeworms can grow to be longer than 11.5 feet (3.5 m) and live for years in a human gut.

It was reported that the whole procedure, which included the endoscopy and the parasite removal, took around an 1 hour and 15 minutes all the while the patient was sedated during the procedure.

It is reported that the man has fully recovered, was given anti-parasitic medications to kill any remains of the tapeworm and has not had abdominal pains in over a month.

Crazy right next time you have a pain in your stomach you might want to get it checked out. Who knows there might be a 6 foot worm living in you…





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