Shark Photobombs 10 year old Surfer

A 10 year old surfer Eden Hasson had a close shave when a photobombing shark appeared on the same wave with him off an Australian beach.

Eden and his father Chris Hasson were at Samurai Beach at Port Stephens, 110 miles north of Sydney, on Tuesday when Chris spotted the shark feet away from his son under the surf while taking pictures.

Expert have examined the photo and determined the shark to be a Great White Shark. They have also determined that the shark was no in hunting mode as he can be seen in the picture rolling away seemingly spooked by the surfboard.

Eden said he was glad he hadn’t seen the shark until he was safe on the beach and saw the photo.


“If I was on the wave and saw it, I probably would’ve freaked out and fell off,” Eden told Nine Network television on Thursday. “I was lucky I didn’t fall off.”

Hasson said he and Eden along with his two siblings, aged 12 and 5, were back out on the surf Wednesday to enjoy the final week of the summer vacation.

“Everyone’s back to business. It’s too good a lifestyle sport not to,” Hasson said.

In 2015 a Japanese tourist was killed back a Great White Shark in Port Stephens with an extraordinary increase in shark attacks in the area.



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