People who hit the snooze button are more intelligent, more creative and happier

For many people who struggle with the dreaded sound of the alarm in the morning and reach for that snooze button multiple times are branded lazy or unmotivated.

But a new study “Why night owls are more intelligent”, by evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa and editor of Psychology Today Kaja Perina, draws links between sleeping in and intelligence, as well as creativity and an independent spirit.


The research looked at the sleeping habits of 1229 men and women, and found that those who go to bed after 11 pm and get up after 8 am tended to have more money and live a more comfortable lifestyle.

So for all you night owls and snoozers out their keep on snoozing on cause now you actually have scientific proof to back up your struggle to wake in the morning and you’re not actually lazy after all you’re just an independent spirit.



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