Emma Stones Awkward kiss rejection, ex’s reaction to her Golden Globe win and hilarious response to being asked about her dress

Emma Stone is being hailed for her performance in her new film La La Land having just snatched the Golden Globe this past weekend at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony. But check out the other reasons Emma stood out this awards night.

Firstly in probably one of the most awkward moments to be caught on camera the adorable actress was caught in the most awkward exchange of the night when director of her movie La La Land was announce the winner for best director. Check out the awkward exchange below we all died a little inside for Stone in this moment.

But even before the awards Emma when asked about her dress by Ryan Seacrest about her dress Stone meet him with the perfect response

“Well, it’s pink and there are stars on it,” she said.


And watch as Emma won her award her ex boyfriend Andrew Garfield can be seen as camera panned across the audience standing up and clapping amid the sea of people sitting down as she stepped up to the stage.

Best-practice-single-line-sumary-of-the-person-event-scene (1).jpg




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