7 must watch documentaries of 2016 you should have seen already

2016 has been a year of many extraordinary documentaries so many in fact that it was pretty difficult to narrow it down to just 7. Below are the 7 documentaries that if you haven’t seen them already they should most definitely be the top of your MUST WATCH tv list for 2017.


A Netflix documentary based on the heartbreaking on going issue of ivory poaching. This documentary follows the line of trade from the people who slater the elephants to those who buy and sell the ivory and those who fight this from happening.

Clip via Netflix US & Canada

Amanda Knox

Another Netflix Documentary which follows exclusive interviews with Amanda Knox giving her side of the story speaking about her time in Jail following the murder of her fellow housemate Meridith Kercher during an exchange year in Italy.

Clip via Netflix UK & Ireland


Tickled starts as a fluffy documentary of a journalist writing an amusing article about competitive tickling competitions. Little does he know that what he thought would be a fluffy amusing article would turn into something much more sinister leading him across the world documenting the lives ruined by this these tickling videos all the while chasing down a mystery figure behind events. Full of twist and turns which will leave you shocked at what has happened.

Clip via Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing

Audrie and Daisy 

A shocking story of two girls sexually assaulted on two different nights, in two different towns. Audrie and Daisy shows the fall out of what happens to these two girls and takes a hard look at the issue faced in the 21st century, the age of social media bullying and how fast it can spiral out of control.


Clip via Netflix US & Canada


Weiner follows Anthony Weiner a former Congress man forced to resign following an embarrassing scandal which saw photo released for the congress mans bulging privates he sent to numerous woman. The bulk of the film is about his 2013 campaign in the Democratic Party primary for Mayor of New York City.Which is filled with twist and turns but after more scandals leaves Weiner once more left red faced.

Clip via Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films

O.J : Made in America

O.J : Made in America is a 5 part documentary mini series which explores two of America’s greatest fixations – race and celebrity – through the life of OJ Simpson. it follows Simpsons life his football and television career, relationship with Nicole Brown the domestic abuse, Nicole and Ron Goldman’s murder, the trail all the while running parallel to larger issues such as the growing tensions between the LA police department and the African American community.

Clip via John Marcus

The Case of : JonBenét Ramsey 

This documentary follows the case of JonBenét Ramsey a 6 year old girl who was found murdered in the basement of her family home on the 26 of December 1986. 20 years later the murder has still gone unsolved.

Clip via CBS News


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